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Running Like a Girl

This book accurately sums my life up. Guess what, I’ve got thighs, and guess what they rub together when they run. So shorts are out of my comfort level, similar to Alexandra. I also have days when my legs don’t work, they feel heavy and sluggish. I then have a great day. But you train the miles and do the intervals for race day. There is no better feeling than having a crowd cheer you on when you are running.

‘In running it doesn’t matter if you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say “I have finished.” There is a lot of satisfaction in that.’

— Fred Lebow, New York City marathon co-founder

This book was filled with inspirational quote and plenty of tips for any runner. (I still don’t classify myself as a runner, rather someone who likes running!) It’s true, the hardest part is always getting your shoes on and getting out the door, a mile is a mile and you won’t regret it. Joining a run club as Alexandra mentions is a great way to get started or keep motivated.

Thanks Briony for the recommendation. I wish I had noted every time that I said, Yes, or I do that!