Currently Reading | Scrappy Little Nobody

Excuse the amount of running and reading posts of late. It’s a pretty accurate description to what I have been doing. Coupled with a lingering cough, I have got through a fair few books! Including Scrappy Little Nobody, which was the perfect read for a day where I had no energy.

Scrappy Little Nobody

I found myself laughing quite a lot during this book, note to Anna – I think you are funny! I also had no idea she performed in Broadway growing up. Always recognised her from Pitch Perfect and numerous Kate Spade adverts.

Throughout the book, Anna talks about being a square, and how she likes to abide by the rules. What a breath of fresh air! Me too. Her stories of the behind scenes of award season is quite telling. It’s obvious now, that post winning an award you want to run back to your table and be with your fellow actresses/actors from the film, not stuck in a hallway waiting for an oscar!

If you are going on holiday over Easter, this is a perfect easy read.