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My life is currently run, recover, read, repeat. I am ok with this. I love reading, the art of getting lost in a book, whether on the train, in bed, or in a coffee shop. Taking yourself to somewhere new and in someone else’s eyes. Small Great Things was both shocking and thought provoking. Race and racism are not easy topics to talk about, particularly in the PC world that we currently live in. Growing up abaroad, I have managed to experience so many different cultures and religions and find them all simply fascinating. Whilst I may not agree with everyones view, your view is your view and you are totally entitled to that view. No one should be able to tell someone they are right or wrong, someone is right in their own perception.

Small Great Things

Small Great Things is a book I would recommend to anyone. I have had some great discussions with people since finishing it. Thanks Milli for the recommendation. How would you feel if someone didn’t allow you to do your job, just because of the colour of your skin? Sadly, Small Great Things is based on a true story. Ruth, the main character who is banned from doing her job is Black, she is a labor nurse with over twenty years of experience, she is requested not to do her job by a White supremacist.

I have highlghted a lot of Small Great Things, Jodi Picoult explaining views from the fictional Ruth so well.

Equality is treating everyone the same. But equity is taking differences into account, so everyone has a chance to succeed.’ I look at her. ‘The first one sounds fair. The second one is fair. It’s equal to give a printed test to two kids. But if one’s blind and one’s sighted, that’s not true. You ought to give one a Braille test and one a printed test, which both cover the same material. All this time, I’ve been giving the jury a print test, because I didn’t realize that they’re blind. That I was blind. Please, Ruth. I think you’ll like hearing what I have to say.’

Equality versus equity is a very interesting point. Here is to looking at equity more as opposed to equality. Giving everyone the same opoortuntiies, ensuring that each opportunity is the same with all other factors accounted for.

The closing of the book said that Small Great Things is a reference to a quote often attributed to Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.: ‘If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.’