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Super Sad True Love Story or Super Bad Very Boring Story?

Super Sad True Love Story

It’s not often I really dislike a book, sadly this was one. I had downloaded Super Sad True Love Story last April and had it stopped and started it numerous times. Eventually it got to the point that it was the next book I had to read on my kindle. So I re-started it for the umpteenth time.

I liked the idea of the book, future New York where all data is immediately available for all to see. Look at someone and get there instant facts and figures. Global Teens seems to be a hybrid of iMessage/Whatsapp. It’s worth noting that the book was written in 2010, so many of the apps we now take for granted didn’t exist at the time of writing. Can you imagine not having web based messaging that works across so many devices?!

The Super Sad True Love Story, is centered around Lenny, a fairly plain man who is working at Post-Human Services. Post Human is not what you would expect, it’s about extending life as opposed to life after death. The love story aspect appears as Lenny falls for Eunice whilst in Italy. Eunice annoyed me as a character, she was clearly using Lenny throughout the relationship. Much of the under current of the book, is the governments ability to track everyone but also seclude them.

Am I the only one who didn’t enjoy this book?