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Ted Talks

So often books about public speaking leave you bored whilst reading or provide little to no advice or new insights. Certainly not the case with this book. My love for TED Talks is rather well documented, I love spending up to 18 minutes becoming engrossed in a subject and excited to hear what the speaker has to say. Before reading this book I had no idea, that Ted give a time limit of only 18 minutes per talk, which is roughly 2500 words. Or that TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design industries.

From tips about the importance to your opening, your ending, presentation style (to memorise or read from cards), to the presentation itself – number of photos etc, it’s all in here.

There is no one way to give a great talk. The world of knowledge is far too big and the range of speakers and of audiences and of talk settings is far too varied for that.

I’ve recommended this book to quite a few friends already and am quite likely to go out and buy the actual book to highlight and mark bits I found important. The end of the book lists all the TED talks which have been referenced, giving me hours more speeches to explore.