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The Circle

Whenever I see a trailer that I like, like The Circle, I inevitably find the film was based on a book. The film is releasing next year starring the amazing Emma Watson. The trailer itself gave me the chills, leading to the download of the book.

The Circle is my favourite read of the year. The company, the circle is much like one of the present day social media giants. Requiring all of your personal details, to be shared, make your life easier, share your thoughts, photos etc. The modern age question then rings – if you went on holiday and  didn’t put any holiday photos up, did you really go on holiday? We live in an age where every part of our lives needs to be documented, tweeted, liked, shared, commented on, and it’s scary. The Circle mentions this asking Mae (main character), why she was being selfish in not sharing what she saw. How are others meant to share her experiences if she doesn’t tell. It’s an interesting question, quite often we don’t want to share, or simply got caught in the moment as to warrant not taking a photo or updating a status.

Throughout the book, completion of the circle is mentioned, eventually implying that all residents of the US, would be required to have an account. Children would be chipped in order to track their whereabouts, thus reducing child abduction rates as the child could instantly be tracked. All of the ideas mentioned, are so realistic and some exist already it really does make you think. I love my blog, I love taking photos and sharing my life, but that does mean the whole world can know all of this information about me.

What are your thoughts on social media and it’s affect? Is all of our personal information, really personal any more or is it all just public knowledge?