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The Couple Next Door

Another day and yet another thriller read, courtesy of The Stylist’s Thriller booklist. As previously mentioned I am sort of using that list as my summer reading, remember like the lists you used to get in school. I used to love the feeling of going shopping and getting all 6 books to read, with the new book smell and watching the books move from the to-read to read pile.

I could not put this book down, as in more or less read in the entire sitting. The idea of leaving an infant whilst at a party next door, has very similar feelings to The McAnn case. Except this case has more evidence and clues. Having suffered from mental illness, I am scared of one day (if I was to ever have kids), suffering from post natal depression. Anne (the mother of the missing baby) is an incredible character I could really relate to some of her symptoms. The whole book had me wanting to read the next page, next chapter etc. The ending sent a shiver down my spine!