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The Martian

Continuing on with my recent space obsession, is The Martian, which like so many major blockbusters started out as a book. What an incredible book it was. From start to finish and with every sol (day on Mars), you are willing Mark Watney on to survive and to overcome the next challenge. As Chris Hadfield so accurately said, he is just working out what is going to kill him next and then figuring out how to avoid it. The use of morse code as a means of communication with NASA made me smile, as it’s one of the most basic means of communicating the alphabet yet efficient, especially with the delay in sending and receiving messages due to the distance the message has to travel in space.

In his recent lecture, Chris Hadfield was asked about his favourite space films and why. He did comment on how well Andy Weir had written The Martian and how any astronaut in the current space programme at NASA would have responded in the way that Mark did. To have a real astronaut praise a fictional astronaut and character made the book even more special.

Also adding to the credibility of the book is the fact NASA have added the path taken by Mark to there Mars Trek Web Tool!

Mark Watney route Mars

Admittedly, I have not seen the film but it comes out on DVD on 8th February, so you can guess what I am watching that evening!