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The good thing about everyone knowing your love for reading, is the number of messages have you read this or this. Then She Was Gone was such an example. At the bargain price of 99p. Reading can be quite a pricey hobby, 99p kindle books are definitely a solution!

Then She Was Gone

Then She Was Gone is a classic thriller page turner. The plot is simple, a 15 year old girl Ellie, studying for her exams, leaves the family home headed for the library. Never to return. Ellie’s mother, Laurel never recovers from the disappearance of her daughter. Particularly after a break in to her house years later, with some sentimental stuff missing.

Years later, Laurel dates a man Floyd, whose daughter Poppy is remarkably similar to her Ellie. Bits of the book were admittedly predictable, yet there is something comforting in a good old thriller book. With Then She Was Gone, you want to keep reading to find out if your suspicions are true.

It’s not often I would highlight bits of a thriller fiction book, but both of the below are definitely true.

All those hopes and dreams and talk of ballerinas and pop stars, concert pianists and boundary-breaking scientists. They all ended up in an office. All of them.
May was like the Friday night of summer: all the good times lying ahead of you, bright and shiny and waiting to be lived.