Currently Reading | Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why first came to my attention as a Netflix series. I had seen many a mental health charities speaking about the series. So I watched it. It’s a difficult watch. The topics of suicide and sexual abuse are frank and honest. Admittedly, for different reasons I couldn’t watch the actual suicide scene, choosing to fast forward.

Like many TV shows and films, Thirteen Reasons Why started out as a book. So I read the book after watching all 13 episodes. Honestly, I prefer the book. It’s shorter, the scenes are less cluttered. Clay seems to listen to the tapes in a night, as opposed to weeks. I loved the switching between Hannah reading her tapes and Clay reacting in the moment. Social Media wasn’t as big in 2011 when the book was published. So the Netflix series has added the element into the series and it works. I can only imagine how toxic adding social media is into the high school bubble. Words, texts, messages, pictures to look at over and over again.

A warning sign for anyone with a mental health issue, can be a dramatic change., such as Hannah’s haircut. If you do ever notice anything different about a friend, family member or whomever, do ask them. It truly is amazing the power of, are you okay. This was very much noted in the last few chapters of the book.

If I could recommend one book to anyone, it would be this. Yes it’s a young adult novel but the content covered is applicable to all. The more we talk about mental health and suicide the more open people who are struggling can be.