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Truly Madly Guilty

Oh this was a good old fashioned guilty beach read. Except, I wasn’t on a beach holiday to read. Just the normal commute, pre-bedtime reading. I read Big Little Lies  a year and a half ago, so was intrigued to see if Truly Madly Guilty was as good. It was, the storyline was again interesting, with each chapter giving more information about what happened at the BBQ.

For so long in the book, you know something happens, but not what or to whom it happens. Little by little, the onion layers come away and you think you have it figured out. I was not expecting the final twist at all though. The incident itself is frightening, not in a bloody gorey way but in the accuracy to which an event like that can and all to often happens. Whether at a BBQ, at home or at the beach. Truly Madly Guilty won the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Fiction in 2016.

Interestingly, part of the reason Reese Witherspoon was reading Moriarty’s Big Little Lies, was to prepare for her role in the TV show. Anybody know if this is coming to Netflix, or UK TV?!

Unashamedly, I will be adding Moriarty’s other books to my beach read list.