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Unravelling Oliver

Every Tuesday, like many commuters I pick up my free copy of The Stylist and have a flick through the magazine on my train home. I tend to download lots of books onto my kindle at once, never remembering where I got the recommendation from or heard about the book. Thrillers are definitely my favourite genre of book, as they are easy to read and follow, they have a plot that keeps you wanting to read more, sometimes leading to a late night as I’m terrible for having to finishing a book!

I came across Unravelling Oliver, in this article; I have since preordered Lying In Wait. Unravelling Oliver was a true thriller, plenty of twists and changing narrators per chapter, which is again a favourite of mine. From the first chapter you know you shouldn’t feel sympathy towards Oliver, with the opening chapters describing how he beat his wife Alice, yet you forget this as the book jumps back to his childhood.

Any other good thriller suggestions?