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The Versions Of Us

This book took me a-while to get into, it’s based on two characters, Jim and Eva and the decisions they make when they meet in Cambridge as students and the different lives they subsequently have based on that decision. Once the varying plotlines develop I quickly grew to love the book. Much like Harry Potter, it just takes a while to get into. It’s a very realistic look at life, fate and how decisions, however minor can alter how your life pans out. How friends can be so close at one point in your life, but for a million and one reasons, that friendship changes at different stages.

I actually cried at the ending of the second plotline which I was not expecting, also not sure the last time, if ever I cried at a book!

I am glad I picked this book up, as I had started it months previously but wasn’t wowed. The advert of it as I get into Glasgow Central station for my train home was a good reminder to pick it back up!