Currently Reading | What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

I first heard about this book on Levo League, and will admit that I struggle with mornings especially as a student. During the summer, on my internship I didn’t find getting up  a probelm, but in a student house with minimal heating and the prospect of lectures, bed seems like a better option!


Vanderkam gives simple advice with various examples from clients she has worked with. Whilst none of the advice is particularly groundbreaking, it does tell you to just get out of bed!


1. Set your alarm early and make a habit out of it. We all hate that feeling of not brushing our teeth, as it is now habit. So just get into the habit of setting your alarm half an hour or so earlier, and within a week that is 3.5 more productive hours to have to do stuff with than the previous week.

2. Go to bed earlier, if you are mindlessly browsing the internet, go to sleep. Everyone does it, we sit on Facebook and Twitter, half asleep just waiting for something to happen. Chances are something won’t happen, or if it does you will find out the next morning. Bring your bedtime forward by the same amount your alarm is going forward, and you won’t lose any sleep. Want to get up half an hour earlier, go to bed half an hour earlier. No sleep loss, just better use of time.

3. Decide what you want to do with your morning. Most people are more productive in the morning, it’s a great time to spend on you. If you have been wanting to blog more, do it then, want to start running, do it then. Don’t set your self up for failure, don’t expect to be suddenly full of energy and bouncing around, aim to do a task three times a week and gradually build it up.

I will definitely be trying these techniques, although most likely when I start my grad job, an engineering masters tends to consist of many late coursework nights! I’d love to start running in the mornings, and using the extra time to fully read the paper and enjoy my morning cup of coffee.

Any book suggestions for my next read?