Currently Reading | Everything You Ever Wanted

Have you ever read a book and felt like you were reading your own diary? That is exactly what happened to me whilst reading Everything You Ever Wanted.

Everything You Ever Wanted cover

Fun fact, I was minding my own business in the library when I bumped into one of my closest friends who was returning the book. She recommended it to me and I am so glad Carole did.

The premise is simple, would you take the opportunity to go to another planet. Escape all the modern day traps which we have created for ourselves.  From social media, our relationships, our family, to our jobs and our own self worth. Iris could easily have been me. Trapped in her own mind with the smog coming and going taking her as she pleased. Personally, that is exactly how my anxiety and depression feels, flittering in and out of my life with very little warning but massive effects.

Iris chose to go away, and achieve everything you ever wanted. Freedom, no constraints, everyone equal. A dystopian future which we might just be heading towards. Life with Nyx, a social experiment, one which is starting to become a reality for us, escape to another planet, but with no going back. No contact with the outside world, you can speak to Earth via social media, but you can’t ever see the responses. Your every move would be available on live stream. So think Big Brother, but without the ability to leave. Think always being in an airplane, never able to leave the hub itself, no weather again.

I’ve recently joined the library, which has saved me endless amounts of money. Everything You Ever Wanted is definitely going to be purchased and read again. I’ve found a friend for life in Iris and definitely plenty of food for thought.