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How To Murder Your Life

Book #6 of the year was brilliant, insightful, funny and quite a whirlwind. How To Murder Your Life, is a memoir by Cat Marnell. Otherwise known as that beauty editor, who oh so publicly admitted to being a drug addict. Her book does not hold book. It’s painfully evident she wrote the book, she mentions how late she was in writing many a chapter, yet refused to get a ghost writer. I loved the constant mix of high end designer references (that I could only dream of purchasing), mixed in with the harsh reality of drugs, the highs and the comedowns. She doesn’t hold back, Cat almost apologises to her old bosses and colleagues for her actions, yet she is honest about the consequences both for her and others.

The explanation behind the title, How To Murder Your Life is quite telling. It is a great saying though, how you can be in control and out of control and literally murder your life.

I read an article about the book, which mentioned how Cat didn’t return press calls. Or rather, forgot to pick up the phone. Take from that what you will. I still have a lot of respect for Cat, to be so public, honest, open about such a taboo subject is commendable. I am constantly fascinated by PR agencies, brands and how they interact with bloggers/influencers, so reading about the hey day of the relationships with magazines was eye opening. An all expenses paid trip to Italy, or to see some new show, staggering.