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Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office

I really need to start writing down how books appear on my to-read list. Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office is a book I’ve known about for years, but I have no recollection of how I came to know of it. Firstly, much of this advice can be applied to both males and females. However, I could certainly relate to a lot of the points raised in this book. It starts with a self-assessment, to find what you do and don’t do. For me, I knew straight away I use qualifiers, such as sort of, or kind of instead of being direct. I also got my Mum to read over the results, and it was interesting to get her perspective.

The book is then split into 101 mistakes, so you can either read the ones that apply to you or them all. Unsurprisingly, I read them all. My phone is now full of photos of advice that I want to remember or reference later. One mistake, which I have done for years is saying sorry. I use sorry as a filler word and apologise when things aren’t my fault. It’s a bad habit and one I am all to aware of. Another favourite mistake addresses perfectionism. Instead of completing a task until it’s perfect, only allow yourself a set amount of time. During university especially, I was terrible for continuing to overwork and overanalyze an assignment. When it’s done, proof-read once, then submit!

Some of the points in this book are quite dated and old-fashioned. I personally don’t agree with the statements about dress, tattoos, piercing and hair colour, but I can understand when the book was originally published how this would be valid.

Lois Frankel, has written multiple self-help/motivation/guidance books of the same vain to Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office. I would love to read her book on Women, Anger & Depression.