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Postcards from The Edge

Carrie Fisher was best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. Confession, I did not know who the character was until my brother decided to educate me. After her death, I found a lot of stories regarding her role as a mental health activist, herself suffering with bipolar disorder. Her novel, Postcards from The Edge quickly sold out on Amazon, but not on the kindle version!

Postcards from the Edge made me laugh, cry and wonder how much was fiction and how much was actually based on Carries life. As with most good books, the plot has been turned into a film, with the ever hilarious Meryl Streep. One of my favourite parts of the book is depicted in the trailer, where the main character Suzanne is asked to take a drug test before being allowed to film.

I loved the two below quotes, both ring very true for me!

She liked going to the gym, or rather, she liked having been to the gym, and the only way to have been was to go.

She took the long way to Wallis’s house so she could have a nice, calming, deafening drive. She found she was now changing stations even when she found a song she liked. She had come to enjoy the quest for a good song more than the songs themselves. Interesting.

I have set up a Goodreads account, to help track books I want to read, as well as see what friends are reading. Next year I want to read 52 books, or a book a week! Ranging from thriller fiction books, to autobiographies.