1000 miles | 2016 km later

My legs hurt. Well over 2016 km later and my running for 2016 is complete. No more running till next year!

This month, I decided to take on the marcothon challenge. By decided, I mean a fellow running buddy convinced some of us, that running a 5k a day for every day in December was a great idea! December tends to be a fairly busy month, so this resulted in some 6:30am runs, or late night runs post a glass of wine or two. After the first few days the novelty of running every single day definitely wore off! I loved running up till the 24th as I got my advent day chocolate after each run.

To make marcothon more interesting, I did manage to mix in a few things. A half-marathon, the Santa Dash, run in the snow, completing 31 miles between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. I then finished December, having run 134.9miles, in 20 hours and 7 minutes, and learnt to love a hill. December was my highest ever month for elevation gain, 5104ft. One advantage of your parents living on a hill, you always have to finish up the hill!

One advantage of December running is enjoying all the pretty Christmas lights! I loved the candy canes.

Christmas Eve Elf! Note to self for feature years, add clips to the headband! As the headband running into wind was a bit difficult.

Boxing Day in Aberdeen meant snow day. I love the feeling of crisp snow. Neon trainers definitely stand out more.

Up the back of Kingswells, you are met with some amazing views of Aberdeen and the North Sea.

Ready to Start the New Year yet?



My initial target for running this year was 1000 miles. I surpassed that in October, I then decided to aim for 2016km. In November this looked doubtful as I did not have the motivation at all to run. Marcothon, as difficult as it was, made me get out everyday. Including one day, when I was loaded with the cold, and sweated it out!

I purchased a GPS watch, about a week into the year, so have been syncing that data back to Nike+, where my first few runs of 2016 were. I only joined Strava in late May, so using Nike for my data. As of my last run in 2016, I have run over 1276 miles or 2053km. This took me 173 hours or a weeks worth of running!


Confetti and snazzy Stance socks to finish the years running.