Winter Running Kit

Winter is well and truly here. Personally, my shorts and tank tops have been replaced with my winter running kit. Think bright colours, plenty of reflective bits and a few hidden tips and tricks, to help you keep warm but also cool down when you need it! I am always freezing to start with, but 1 or 2 miles in and I am forever too hot!

Winter Running Kit

Thumbholes and Zips

Winter Running Kit - Zips and Thumbholes

You know as soon as you starting trying clothes on in a shop with heating, you start to sweat. Running is really no different. Thumbholes are a brilliant invention, they cover your wrists and keep your top pulled fairly taut. They can also act as makeshift gloves if you don’t have a pair! Once you do start heating up, you can roll up the thumb hole and pull the sleeve up, genius.

Similarly, a half-zip top allows you to be all zipped up and wrapped up when you start. You can then unzip as you heat up! The Nike Element Half-Zip tops are my personal favourite.

Neon for Nights

Winter Running Kit - Reflective

It’s dark outside. So guess what, cars, other pedesterians and cyclists can’t see you. At all. How to combat this? Add plenty of neon or reflective clothing into your winter running kit. If you look like a human highlighter, you are spot on. A lot of tops and leggings have small silver dots, which are reflective and will shine bright in headlights, making you visible.

Winter Running Kit - Reflective Jacket

Winter Running Kit - Reflective Jacket

I have lots of neon yellow and pink clothing! An other must have is a jacket, especially in the dead of winter when it’s 6:15 and -2. The jacket gives you another layer which can easily be taken off but is useful for storage.

Winter Running Kit - Reflective Jacket


Winter Running Kit - Thermals

I nabbed the pictured pair of thermal running leggings in a Sweaty Betty sale a few years ago. They are still as warm as day 1. They are great for running as well as the all important post winter race wrap up. If you have ever done a race in winter, you will know just how quickly you want to get back into something warm.

Thermal 3/4 capris are also a personal favourite. I tend to wear them if I am racing, or if I have an interval running session, e.g. my heartrate is going up fast but it is still cold!


Winter Running Kit - Headband

One of my favourite bits of winter running kit, is a Karrimor Running Headband. It’s thermal and keeps my ears nice and toasty. It is one of the first pieces of kit to be removed when I do start to overhes t so it just gets wrapped around my wrist. Again, it’s got reflective elements on the reverse, so you can be seen by cars!

Do you have any other pieces of must have winter running kit? Running kit is an investment, look out for sales in all the shops. My kit has been accumulated over the past 3 years and I found buying Nike or Sweaty Betty has definitely survived many washes!