Turtle Bay.

Fancy a change of scenery and atmosphere for a good meal and even better cocktails? Turtle Bay, a Caribbean themed restaurant and bar has popped up everywhere in England. A favourite of mine since my first year at uni in Southampton, with 2 for 1 on cocktails from 12-7pm and 10pm onwards. The cocktail deal

Pitcher of Pimm’s.

The end of June and start of July will always make me think of Wimbledon, lazy summer evenings spent watching the tennis and drinking Pimm's. This cocktail could not be any simpler or easy to make, it is literally the alcohol, lemonade and fruit. However, according to The Times, Wimbledon have not been making it

Chilling Out.

Lately I have been extremely stressed out, and exhausted and massively struggled to switch off at night. Consequently, I am struggling to focus and keep the end goal of my Masters in sight. I'd like to just thank my parents, Ben and his parents for helping me cope! A weekend away at Ben's house was