Flamingo Fie’s

Hi my name is Fie. I like a few things, bars, pretty cocktails and flamingos. For years I always  knew I wanted my very own bar. Hence the creation of Flamingo Fie's. It all started when looking for placemats for the dining room table. I stumbled across these flamingo coasters and was in love. Mums

Mobility Tools

Mobility Tools

If there is one thing I have learnt this marathon training cycle, apart from how much I hate this long winter, it's the importance of mobility and having mobility tools. Disclaimer, I hate stretching and doing all of the mobility work. I would much rather just spend that extra 20-30 minutes a day running. Since

Gym Bag Heroes

My gym bag heroes are a mismatch of products, from a towel (yes really), to a hairbrush. I’ve found having two of everything to be a massive help, one permanently in my wash bag and one in my bathroom. I use a huge Cath Kidston Wash bag as I find it fits full size items