Reykjavík Street Art

Reykjavík Street Art

Two weeks ago my friend Catherine, messaged me asking what I was doing the following Friday. She wanted to know if I fancied a trip to Iceland. Never in my life have I been so spontaneous. Booking flights and into a half marathon race 7 days before. Turns out a holiday was exactly what I

Electric Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens in Glasgow is gorgeous at all times of the year. The Electric Gardens event which is currently running is testament to this. A nighttime event complete with sparkly lights and loud music and in my case snow. The photos don't do the event justice, given it was -3 at the time I

The Art of The Brick.

I'd never been to any form of art exhibition before, beyond seeing friends A-Level pieces. Art does scare me sometimes, I don't always understand it or get it. Add Lego into the mix and I'm good to go. The Art of The Brick exhibition is taking place in The Old Truman Brewery. The pieces varied