Peppermint Slices

A quintessential fine piece. For anyone asking, a fine piece is a North Eastern Scottish word for a baked good. You would have a fine piece with a fly cup. Peppermint slices, buttery biscuit base, mint icing, dark chocolate. A biscuit version of an after eight. Ingredients: 400g hobnobs or other biscuits 300g butter 280g icing

Three Sisters Bake Brownies

Oh these chocolate brownies are good, especially warm with a cold glass of milk. Made these for work and let's just say the 2 tins were empty pretty quickly. I love Three Sisters Bake, I visited the Quarriers Village cafe at the weekend and the setting is gorgeous. Plenty of old buildings, grass for miles

Ship It Cake

Ship It Cake.

When your team at work find out you can bake, know that you live opposite a shipyard and happen to mention the upcoming development day known as Ship It day, the result is quite simply a cake shaped like a ship. Did I mention there was 40 odd people on my wider team? Yupp, challenge