Aberdeen Beach Run

Aberdeen Beach

Nothing beats a run along the beach, regardless of the country, with the sound of the waves and sand on the paths. The weather today in Aberdeen was incredible, a cold 4 degrees but with no wind and an amazing amount of sunshine. My parents and I decided to dust away the cobwebs after Christmas



Sun in Scotland can only mean one thing, a trip to the seaside for some fish and chips, salt and in my case sunburn. Over the weekend, friends and I wandered down to spend a sunny afternoon in Largs. We did see people swimming, not my cup of tea. The local sweetshop, The Candybox And

Disconnected in Mauritius

Upon landing in Mauritius, I didn't turn my phone on once. 100% disconnected, no social media, despite how gorgeous the sunsets were, they deserved to be on Instagram! We stayed in Albion which is on the west of the island, so had beautiful sunsets every single night at 6pm. The sky would turn the most


Before starting work, I spent last weekend in Portsmouth with Ben seeing his new flat and enjoying Portsmouth. It was a lovely time-out, too much food, gorgeous sunsets and enjoying the warmer weather in the south. Ben is still without internet, but has found a gem of a place called Southsea Coffee Co, amazing coffee