Overnight Oats

Overnights oats are great, all the prep is done the night before. You can roll out of bed, grab the oats from the fridge, and get back into bed with your breakfast. My basic recipe is to add the following: 4 large tablespoons of greek yoghurt 1 scoop of oats 1/2 scoop of flax seeds

Berry Proats Smoothie

Berry Proats Smoothie

Some mornings the thought of breakfast is too much, or your running late and need something quick and easy that will see you through till lunch. Introducing a berry proats smoothie. Simply blend, a scoop of oats, 2 tablespoons of flax seeds, 1 tablespoon of chia seed, 1 scoop of whey protien, a handful of

Individual Breakfast pots.

Shakshuka or baked eggs is one of my favourite brunch items. Perfect for a elongated Sunday breakfast and a read of the papers. The tomato mixture can be prepared the night before and re-heated the next day. My Le Creuset petite stoneware casseroles were perfect for creating individual breakfast pots. Although they looked small, they