Four Eyes

Four Eyes

One of the more random things to-do on my 101 list, was to replace my glasses. I remember writing it and was pretty sure it would be one of the things still left at the end of the 1001 days. A couple of weeks ago, when Wimbledon was on I realised even with my glasses

Reflections on 21.

Today is my 22nd birthday. The past year has been a whirlwind and provided me with a steep learning curve to life. I managed to squeeze in a lot into the past year. I decided to mark my birthday by compiling a list of 21 things I learnt/did/experienced/found out about myself whilst being 21. I


As you are all properly sick of hearing, I lived abroad for most of my childhood. So I became accustomed to having naturally sun-kissed hair. My hair was last dyed over the summer. My Mum's first comment to me when she saw me last weekend was "your roots need done." So last Friday I went