Grand Champions.

So this weekend, was amazing. The Vixens managed to hit an almost perfectly clean routine, minus my stunt group having a massive bobble, but we saved it! This is one of my favourite pictures, flyer's T-ing before their twists. Some pretty twist baskets. Having been the last team to perform, we had only seen the

A cheer weekend.

This weekend I am off to Bath University for Future Cheer Nationals, where all the cheer university teams compete against each other. Southampton Vixens are entered in All Girl Level 3, which is one of the most competitive divisions with 15 teams. The weekend is starting early, meeting at 5am to travel to Bath, to

Cheers to 2014.

My main resolution? In the next month write a list of 101 goals I really want to achieve then give my self 1001 days to do it! I fell in love with the 101 in 1001 idea after reading about it on Design Darling. As Mackenzie says, 1001 days is 2.75 years which is a