Chicken Traybake

Chicken Traybake

Jamie Oliver has published over 20 cookbooks of which I own one of his more recent recipes, Save with Jamie. Admittedly, I am not the best at pre-planning meals which often results in wasted food or a lack of ingredients for a specific recipe. One recipe which caught my attention was his chicken traybake, not

Chicken Satay

My version of the classic, Chicken Satay. Instead of grilling chicken, I made more of a chicken satay stir fry. Complete with a sticky peanut sauce. The chicken was pre marinated for 24 hours, then all I had to do was create the sauce, and fry the chicken and the vegetables. So simple, packed full

Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

Summer lunches in the office, inevitably getting fed up of limp salad. So roll in quinoa, one of those health foods that have been kicking around for years, that I have only just tried. It's surprisingly easy to make, you'll need 20g of quinoa per serving. Then 200ml of water for each serving, I was