Prague | Day 3.

The day started with a visit to Chez Marcel. Despite arriving at 10.30am, they looked like they were closed. Turns out the morning rush had been and gone and lunch service only started at 11.30. The waiters were more than happy to let us have some coffee. The place even has its own wine, how

Prague | Day 1.

So, day 1 was interesting. After flying from Aberdeen down to Heathrow T5, then transferring to T3. I met up with Ben and we decided to get a drink from one of the restaurants, Strada. Since it was the start of my holiday I decided to order a Chambord Royale cocktail. A peach Bellini then

Planning Prague.

Ben and I are booking to go to Prague for a city break over the Easter holidays. After both doing summer internships and two semesters of uni without any real time off, we started researching European cities to visit. Prague seemed like the ideal choice, a place we could easily get lost wandering and happily