Reykjavík Street Art

Reykjavík Street Art

Two weeks ago my friend Catherine, messaged me asking what I was doing the following Friday. She wanted to know if I fancied a trip to Iceland. Never in my life have I been so spontaneous. Booking flights and into a half marathon race 7 days before. Turns out a holiday was exactly what I

Hello My Name is Paul Smith, The Lighthouse Glasgow

Hello, my name is Paul Smith

Paul Smith is rather iconic, from the bold colours to the prints and all the collaborations. Currently at The Lighthouse is an exhibition which truly takes you from his starting points, to inspiration into his head, literally, and finally a video montage of the collection and some pieces from over the years. Paul visited the exhibition


After 4 years of student living, I still get excited by being able to have a bath without holding up a housemate, or running out of hot water! Lush, have become somewhat synonymous with having bath due to their infamous bathbombs. Confession, I had never tried one before a few weeks ago. I picked up