Leek and Potato Soup

Leek and Potato Soup is a classic soup in the Heath household, namely due to my Grandad being a farmer and having an abbundance of spare potatoes and leeks. Which I used to be able to go pick from the fields, as a little girl this was the best thing ever. Firstly, chop your potatoes

Fabulous Fish Pie.

This recipe is not my own, however after having it made for me at a friend's house I decided I had to create it. Presenting, Fish Pie as stolen from Susan. Ingredient you will need: Sweet Potato Fish - either a fish pie mix, or make your own, Salmon, Haddock, Prawns, Trout etc Milk Nutmeg

Mushroom Risotto.

One of my go to recipes for a simple and cheap dinner, although it is not the quickest of recipes. Chop your onions and mushrooms. Frozen mushrooms and a selection of mushrooms are also excellent additions. My secret ingredients for any mushroom based dish, Mushroom Ketchup and Very Lazy Garlic. Fry your onions and mushrooms