Instagram Truth

Instagram Truth

One of my most successful and poignant blog posts was me admitting to suffering with depression and having a mental illness. The post to this day still helps me. When I am having a low moment or feeling like everything is on top of me, I look at the post. It was #LifeUnfiltered and my

Growing up Expat.

"We are moving." Something I was fortunate enough to hear my Dad say a few times growing up. Born and raised in Aberdeen until 8, followed by 4 years in Sugarland, Texas, 5 years of schooling in Dubai, UAE then moving to university in Southampton, England with the added bonus of holidays in Dubai. Come

Starbucks Mugs.

This collection of mugs might be a comment on my addiction to "branded" and American coffee, but if I visit a city, that has a Starbucks I tend to buy a city mug. The city mug collection spans worldwide, and I love the size and weight of the mug. {My full mug collection} I lived