Chicken Satay

My version of the classic, Chicken Satay. Instead of grilling chicken, I made more of a chicken satay stir fry. Complete with a sticky peanut sauce. The chicken was pre marinated for 24 hours, then all I had to do was create the sauce, and fry the chicken and the vegetables. So simple, packed full


Fishing for a recipe for dinner? I've caught the perfect one and it couldn't be simpler. You'll need: 40g fillet of monkfish 1 tablespoon flour 1 tablepspoon black pepper grinded 1 tablespoon salt Lemons Plenty of white wine Start by drying your fish using a paper towel. When it's dry add to a casserole dish.

Fabulous Fish Pie.

This recipe is not my own, however after having it made for me at a friend's house I decided I had to create it. Presenting, Fish Pie as stolen from Susan. Ingredient you will need: Sweet Potato Fish - either a fish pie mix, or make your own, Salmon, Haddock, Prawns, Trout etc Milk Nutmeg