Back to College

My Tuesday nights are no longer spent running, they are now back in a College classroom studying. Something I never thought I would want to do. Someone at work recommended a course at a local college, called an Introduction to Mental Health. So far its fascinating, the mix of people studying and their reasons for

Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum

Two geeky engineers in Glasgow, a rather grey day in Glasgow = a trip to the Riverside Museum. Which unsurprisingly is on the river. Approximately a 10 minute walk from my flat (aka I live next door.) I always call it the transport museum as that ultimately is what the museum is about. The museum

Missing Learning.

So something I never thought I would say, I miss actively learning and education. By the end of last academic year and failing my masters, I was sick of education, coursework and exams. Fast forward 9 months and I do miss it. In the past 3 months I have been on training for Android and