End of Exams.

Exams finished on Wednesday, Ben has now completed his MEng so to celeberate we went out for a dinner in town. Yesterday was spent catching up on errands and getting a much needed manicure. I survived a month without polish! Current plans in the next few weeks include: USE my DIANA F+ lomography camera. I

Keeping Calm.

I have now finished two of my four exams. I took last night off, for a much needed break. Here are a few things helping to keep me calm. 1. Frozen (and the soundtrack) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w08pX3FX9Hs I finally got round to watching Frozen,  it is amazing. Love the soundtrack so much. 2. calm.com This website is


Exams start next week. I am still in the middle of some coursework this week, then on to revision when my final deadlines are in! This will be my view for the next 3 weeks! Some small things that help me through revision 1. Ben Howard. I listen to his album on repeat all day,