Sunrise at Gretna, the advantage of the first train of the day 4 am trains, quick catch ups on train station benches, saying goodbye but not knowing when the next time you will see someone or what country you will be in, part of the whirlwind of expat friendship. In the past three weeks I've

Growing up Expat.

"We are moving." Something I was fortunate enough to hear my Dad say a few times growing up. Born and raised in Aberdeen until 8, followed by 4 years in Sugarland, Texas, 5 years of schooling in Dubai, UAE then moving to university in Southampton, England with the added bonus of holidays in Dubai. Come

20 facts about me.

{Reading a book, drinking a coffee at one of my favourite places Dubai Offshore Sailing Club} Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Carly from the College Prepster, I decided to share 20 facts about myself. Some commonly known by others, some not. I have lived in 3 different continents #expatbrat My spelling is all over