Chicken Satay

My version of the classic, Chicken Satay. Instead of grilling chicken, I made more of a chicken satay stir fry. Complete with a sticky peanut sauce. The chicken was pre marinated for 24 hours, then all I had to do was create the sauce, and fry the chicken and the vegetables. So simple, packed full

The Scullery

The Scullery is officially one of my new favourite places, having loved the wine night I decided to go back with my Mum for a lunch. It was incredible. The fischcakes and hollandaise was the perfect size for lunch. Mum's BLT had doorstop thickness bread, with the chunkiest chips. No frozen chips here, walking past


Fishing for a recipe for dinner? I've caught the perfect one and it couldn't be simpler. You'll need: 40g fillet of monkfish 1 tablespoon flour 1 tablepspoon black pepper grinded 1 tablespoon salt Lemons Plenty of white wine Start by drying your fish using a paper towel. When it's dry add to a casserole dish.

Apple Pi(e)

Pi Day was the 14th March, last Saturday. Being a (slight) Maths geek I quickly worked out that this wasn't any Pi Day. This was a one of, as in Pi Day accurate to 9 decimal places (3.141592653)... In honor of pi, I unsurprisingly made Pie of the apple variety, using Nigella Lawson's Double Apple