Four Eyes

Four Eyes

One of the more random things to-do on my 101 list, was to replace my glasses. I remember writing it and was pretty sure it would be one of the things still left at the end of the 1001 days. A couple of weeks ago, when Wimbledon was on I realised even with my glasses

Warby Parker.

I love my hot pink glasses. I honestly do, but sometimes ... Well it just isn't the most professional. (Particularly when I wear a pink skirt and carry a pink notebook!) Ever since Carly of College Prepster did a post on Warby Parker I have been ever so slightly in love with the glasses, from

Chilling Out.

Lately I have been extremely stressed out, and exhausted and massively struggled to switch off at night. Consequently, I am struggling to focus and keep the end goal of my Masters in sight. I'd like to just thank my parents, Ben and his parents for helping me cope! A weekend away at Ben's house was