Plenty of bloggers have sang the praises of a rather expensive sunscreen known as P20. At around 14 quid a bottle, it isn't cheap, but I wanted to try it. Growing up abroad I was in and out of the sun, so didn't need a high factor sunscreen when on holiday. Now I'm burdened with

Disconnected in Mauritius

Upon landing in Mauritius, I didn't turn my phone on once. 100% disconnected, no social media, despite how gorgeous the sunsets were, they deserved to be on Instagram! We stayed in Albion which is on the west of the island, so had beautiful sunsets every single night at 6pm. The sky would turn the most

Easter Plans.

This last semester has been manic. From trying to juggle cheerleading and 6 modules, and a dissertation, I haven't really stopped. I have had my minor breakdowns, night before coursework deadlines always ends in tears. I will be the first to admit, that I struggle. This Master's is intense, and the lectures and workload are