London | Week 4.

Last week was well and truly an overindulgence of food. When in Rome (ahem London) and all that right? Connie came down for a night, starting with burgers and wine at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, so classy! If you go make sure to have truffle mayo, either on your burger or with the fries. It's amazing.

Apple & Cinnamon cookies.

My absolute favourite part of baking, apart from eating the baked goods is the smell that lingers in the kitchen post bake. These apple and cinnamon cookies from Hummingbird Bakery's Cake Days cookbook are no exception. A tried and tested flavour combination for a simple cookie perfect for an afternoon tea. I recently visited my

4th July Cupcakes.

Happy 4th for any American readers. Growing up expat has definitely led to a love of all types of public holidays from the 4th, to labour day to the holy month of Ramadan to National Day. I love seeing how countries celebrate. I found some American themed sprinkles and decided to make some vanilla cupcakes