Instagram Truth

Instagram Truth

One of my most successful and poignant blog posts was me admitting to suffering with depression and having a mental illness. The post to this day still helps me. When I am having a low moment or feeling like everything is on top of me, I look at the post. It was #LifeUnfiltered and my


Madison Holleran, was an Ivy League track runner for University of Pennsylvania, her sudden suicide on Jan 17, 2014 shocked her family. ESPN wrote a very thought provoking article called Split Image on social media and the filter we appear to put on our life. I read this during my lunch hour on Friday and

Social Media Icons.

Incase you hadn't notice I got some new social media icons and blogger photo. I had fairly quickly found the old icons and decided I wanted something more me, namely pink. The great thing about the surge in social media, is that loads of icons are readily available. Some are free, others cost a couple