Baking. Baking is something both my Gran and Grandma both loved. So much time spent learning the craft of the perfect bake, from shortbread to fairy cakes to scones to all the tips and tricks. Eg, to make Golden Syrup easier to get out of the jar, just heat a tablespoon in hot water, then

Three Sisters Bake Chocolate Orange Ganache Cake

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In the last few weeks I've done a few bakes, but not grabbed enough photos to do an individual post on each bake. When your hands are covered in eggs, flour and butter, trying to coordinate with a camera is a bit much! My Kitchen Aid mixer has made my baking life about a thousand

Glasgow Bake Club

Bake Club

My love of baking and The Great British Bake-Off is no secret. I don't know why I love the show so much, but I do and so does pretty much all of the UK. My favourite bakery, The Butterscotch Bakery posted on facebook about the local Glasgow Baking Club and how they were having an