Pressure and Expectations

Expectations and pressure. Go hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other. Pressure creates expectations. Expectations we set on ourselves or set upon us. Going into London Marathon training, I had a clear goal and as a result a lot of pressure. I’ve always set fairly high expectations on myself. Which definitely has a

January Books

January Books

January has been and gone. My yearly goal is to read 52 books, or a book a week. I managed to read 6 books. 5 mysteries and 1 mental health autobiography. A mixed bag of books, some great some pretty much comfortable. Pieces of Her Could you imagine if everything you thought you knew about your Mum

Mental Health

Mental Health, everyone by definition has it. Your brain is an organ. Just like your heart. Yet we talk about heart conditions. We actively from a young age take care of our hearts by exercise. We are bombarded with adverts for healthy lifestyles from trainers to healthy cholesterol butter. When was the last time you