New York Diaries Food Edition

New York Diaries | Food Edition

When on holiday, calories don't count. Especially when you are in a place with such incredible food, from street eats to 5* dining to all the cafes in between. Now let's eat! fresh&co A chain of grab-and go deli places throughout Manhattan. Great for everything from quinoa, to omelettes, to bagels and everything in between.

Two Bean Salad

Two Bean Salad

In the last few months, I have posted a few different lunch-time recipes. I am definitely in a constant battle between wanting to eat healthy but equally not wanting to spend a fortune in one of the shops at lunch. This two bean salad recipe is another example of a simple but healthy lunch that


Mexican food is my second favourite type of cuisine, with Thai being my favourite. Having grown up in Texas, with an abundance of Tex-Mex restaurants on the door-step, I love a good enchilada, burrito or taco, smothered in cheese and chilli. Topolabamba in Glasgow on St. Vincent Street did not disappoint! The decor is fab,

Lime & Steak Fajitas.

Who doesn't love steak fajitas cooled down with some lime? Fajitas are great, boys can eat all the meat and I can eat as much guacamole as I want. This dish requires stir fry beef strips, wraps, cheese, and a lot of herbs and spices. First things first make your marinade, you will need two


The best bit about being home over easter? Access to my Mum's fridge, which tended to be full and an empty kitchen with plenty of appliances. Item 15 on my 101 list was to try new foods. I used to think that I hated avocado and guacamole, having tried it when I was younger. In