Rouge Louboutin.

When people first visit my flat, they always ask what the strange pen-like bottle is on my bookcase. I always giggle at the reaction, when I explain that it is infact a nail polish. Not just any nail polish, a Louboutin nail polish that you guessed it, matches the sole of the shoe. I bought

Nude Nails.

I have been loving the look of natural nude nails recently. Looks great at work, sleek and well polished but can equally have hints of shimmer and glitter so the colour isn't completely dull. My personal favourite is Butterfly Wings by Leighton Denny, looks completely nude in some lights and glittery in the sunshine! OPI

Autumn Nails

Autumn Nails.

It's the end of August which can only mean the darkening days of autumn are coming complete with knitwear, scarfs and the infamous pumpkin spice latte. Neon and bright colours are my favourite type of nail colour but not quite appropriate for the coming months. Here are my picks for autumn nails. Jessica Feather Boa

A Manicure gift.

For Christmas, I received a lot of nail polishes from various family members. A girl can never have enough! A simple way to make this a complete manicure gift for a friend is to include an emery board, nail polish remover, cotton pads. A simple and student friendly gift to give to any friend, you