Marathon Monday #4

Marathon Monday #4

Marathon Monday #4, otherwise known as fast forward 8 weeks and it'll be my last Marathon Monday post as it will all be over! Perspective, easier said than done. Last Sunday I managed to do an 18.2 mile run, by myself. My parents had been down visiting, so as a way of getting the run

Uneven Keel

The last few weeks, I have been fairly off keel. Nothing has gone that wrong, but equally nothing was going swimmingly. My Mum pointed out that I had got my perspective wrong and everything was off balance. She was right. Nothing beats the sensation of sailing up-wind, hiking hard and managing to hit that sweet spot


September for me has always been a month of a new adventure, whether that was the start of a new school year or a year ago starting a job. This year, nothing "new" is happening, I've not gone and bought new school shoes or a pencil case or any of that. This last year has