Thai Carrot Coleslaw

Salads for lunch and dinner can get boring pretty quick. I am always on the hunt for new salads, this Thai Carrot Coleslaw from Three Sisters Bake is another gem. Quick, refreshing and can be a great side with meat, more vegetables, fish etc. The dressing can be made ahead and poured over the carrots when serving,

New York Diaries Food Edition

New York Diaries | Food Edition

When on holiday, calories don't count. Especially when you are in a place with such incredible food, from street eats to 5* dining to all the cafes in between. Now let's eat! fresh&co A chain of grab-and go deli places throughout Manhattan. Great for everything from quinoa, to omelettes, to bagels and everything in between.

The New Forest.

Oh Sunshine! How I have missed you. Sunday was such a perfect summer day. Ben and I decided to take a trip to the New Forest complete with a picnic. The first place we stopped at was just a trail, but 15 minutes later we found a huge parking area with plenty of grass. However,

Couscous Salad.

Simple summer eating. I inherited this recipe from my housemate, whose Mum used to always make this salad back when we both lived in Dubai. You will need: Couscous Vegetable stock Vegetables for baking - onion, pepper, tomatoes (whatever is in the house) Lemon juice Oil Chili flakes or chili salt, paprika Feta Start by