Reykjavík Street Art

Reykjavík Street Art

Two weeks ago my friend Catherine, messaged me asking what I was doing the following Friday. She wanted to know if I fancied a trip to Iceland. Never in my life have I been so spontaneous. Booking flights and into a half marathon race 7 days before. Turns out a holiday was exactly what I

Disconnected in Mauritius

Upon landing in Mauritius, I didn't turn my phone on once. 100% disconnected, no social media, despite how gorgeous the sunsets were, they deserved to be on Instagram! We stayed in Albion which is on the west of the island, so had beautiful sunsets every single night at 6pm. The sky would turn the most

20 facts about me.

{Reading a book, drinking a coffee at one of my favourite places Dubai Offshore Sailing Club} Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Carly from the College Prepster, I decided to share 20 facts about myself. Some commonly known by others, some not. I have lived in 3 different continents #expatbrat My spelling is all over