Two Bean Salad

Two Bean Salad

In the last few months, I have posted a few different lunch-time recipes. I am definitely in a constant battle between wanting to eat healthy but equally not wanting to spend a fortune in one of the shops at lunch. This two bean salad recipe is another example of a simple but healthy lunch that

Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

Summer lunches in the office, inevitably getting fed up of limp salad. So roll in quinoa, one of those health foods that have been kicking around for years, that I have only just tried. It's surprisingly easy to make, you'll need 20g of quinoa per serving. Then 200ml of water for each serving, I was

Couscous Salad.

Simple summer eating. I inherited this recipe from my housemate, whose Mum used to always make this salad back when we both lived in Dubai. You will need: Couscous Vegetable stock Vegetables for baking - onion, pepper, tomatoes (whatever is in the house) Lemon juice Oil Chili flakes or chili salt, paprika Feta Start by